Although John Muir is known primarily for his writings and there are hundreds of web pages devoted to some of his most inspirational quotes and observations, Muir did not appear to enjoy the act of writing.  He cared deeply about the language he used and was known to be unhappy with almost everything he ever published.  A great deal of this appears to be due to his belief that nature was something that needed to be experienced and that the written word could never convey the glory, majesty and spirituality of the world he was trying to describe.

Despite his dislike of the work, Muir published extensively.  He produced six books during his lifetime, with more compilations of his writing being published after his death.  He also wrote over 300 articles, published in a wide variety of contexts, from magazines to academic journals.  Quotations from John of the Mountains can be found accompanying almost any picture of beautiful and inspirational wilderness.

Photo Courtesy Al Golub Photography

What’s New?

Presentation to Stanislaus County – Highway renaming “John Muir Highway”

Alternative to Yosemite Gateways for Intergovernmental Agency.  


Partnership Coming with Mariposa Schools!

JMGC is pleased to announce that a partnership for exploration toward the improvement of student services is being established with Mariposa County Unified School District.