The Sierra Club

One of John Muir’s most enduring legacies has been the Sierra Club, which he co-founded in 1892.  The organisation, which was co-founded with Professor Henry Senger, was intended to help to educate and advocate for mountains and for the natural world.  The club was educational and scientific as well as promoting the preservation of the beauty of nature and ensuring that it remained accessible for future generations.

The Sierra Club remains active today, with millions of members worldwide and has had significant influence on policy makers throughout the intervening years.  John Muir was the first president of the Sierra Club and remained in this role until he died.  The success of the Sierra Club can be attributed in no small part to the work of Muir.  Not only did he devote a huge amount of effort to the group’s campaigns, but he was also a draw in and of himself.  By the time the Sierra Club was founded, John Muir was something of a celebrity within the conservation community and, thanks to his writings, many outside of this narrow group were also aware of him and his spiritual connection to the wilderness.  Attaching his name to the fledgling group encouraged interest from a far wider range of society and almost certainly contributed significantly to the initial successes of the club.

Photo Courtesy Al Golub Photography

What’s New?

Presentation to Stanislaus County – Highway renaming “John Muir Highway”

Alternative to Yosemite Gateways for Intergovernmental Agency.  


Partnership Coming with Mariposa Schools!

JMGC is pleased to announce that a partnership for exploration toward the improvement of student services is being established with Mariposa County Unified School District.